We are a Software House, delivering user-friendly information systems.

We want our software to be your business success key.



Since it’s founding, in 1987, Jimpisoft Software house has developed and distributed user-friendly software. More than 25 years working with rent-a-car businesses, assure you that we have extensive experience in this business, and that our software can be your business success key. During these years, we have worked closely with our customers, in constant dialogue, adapting our system, making Rentway® a solution to compete in the new millennium. However, we know that a software is never finished and we thrive on improving it every day, with the help of our partners. Scalable, safe and dynamic, this software is the global solution of choice for renting companies of any size.  Our know-how grants the best tailored solutions. Most of our work is done with Microsoft® tools and Microsoft® SQL Server. Today our system is implemented on 61 countries on more than 200 Partners. We can present you with a free, no obligation tailored proposal, granting your project’s success.



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